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An Open Letter to President Obama and All America.

/EINPresswire.com/ In your next term you have promised taking America forward. How about taking America forward and bringing great change at the same time? The steps that will change America forward can come through education reform. The American mind and brain need to be made top class; which boils down to educating both the brain and mind of America. Let’s start by showing how important it is to take care of both the brain and mind.

Can you imagine the extent of our ignorance regarding the knowledge of the brain and mind when you, the leader of the free world, who has the best ever advisers in the history of the world; they let you come to the first debate with an overworked and tired brain that projected a disengaged mind. You have showed up with a tired and disengaged mind in the past too. How come none of the experts were able to figure out much earlier, when the problem first showed up years ago; that your physical brain is sometimes tired. It is simply because there is so much confusion about brain and mind that even the best experts in the world could not see that you needed to put on hold all heavy duty mind thinking and needed to just indulge your brain in relaxation, rest and pleasure; for at least a week before each debate. Thank goodness we were able to get you to come to the second debate with a quite rested brain and with a fully rested brain for the last debate.

Even though an overworked brain and brain fatigue are both well known; when a person appears tired what the experts see is that the whole body is tired and physical brain tiredness remains below the radar screen. This is because we pay little attention to the brain. The experts club the brain and mind together and by educating the mind they think that they are educating both the brain and mind; and even worse the experts do not even think about educating the brain.

Between brain and mind the brain is fundamentally more important. Even when the mind is working it is the brain that works physically through biochemical actions/reactions and it is the brain that projects the mind. It is the quality of the brain that determines the quality of the mind. Educating the brain is just as important. But we neglect educating the brain. Intelligence is the domain of the mind and emotional intelligence is the domain of the brain. So we educate our intelligence and not only neglect emotional intelligence education; we actually miseducate our emotional intelligence.

Intelligence and emotional intelligence are the two wheels of human intelligence. Each is incomplete without the other; together they are greater than the sum of their parts and they both enhance each other. When ever there is investment in education reform it is the mind education that gets almost all the money and brain education is more or less ignored. The time has come to awaken to the equal importance of brain education. So if you want to move America forward and at the same time keep your earlier promise of changing America you will have to introduce brain education.

Your first debate performance has clearly demonstrated what happens when the human brain is neglected; but if you look around, you will see the effects of ignoring and miseducating the brain. Roughly 80% of us Americans have varying degrees of emotional baggage in our brains. We live our whole life struggling to over come the problems caused by our emotional baggage. Some are able to get free of the emotional baggage, others are able to manage their emotional baggage and keep it under control, while others have to bear the effects of their emotional baggage. Society has to pay a big price for emotionally challenged behavior.

The majority of Americans have an over worked and tired brain because of emotional baggage in our brains. The reason we have huge numbers of emotionally challenged brains is because we have no brain education to speak of. Mr. President let’s bring in real education reform. Let’s educate both the brain and mind of every US citizen. We can make the American mind and brain top class; which boils down to educating both the brain and mind of America.

We at the 4th R Foundation have the blue print to make the majority of America emotional baggage free. Lets start at the very top and see what improvements we can make with your brain and mind.

You have wisdom which means you have very little emotional baggage in your brain's infrastructure. Your brain's emotional baggage is not innate and it comes from your behavior. This means that to eliminate your emotional baggage all you need to do is change your behavior. As for your mind it is as well prepared presidentially as humanly possible. You have already earned several presidential PhDs due to the very nature of your work ethic. You have made yourself an expert of as many issues as possible. Your behavioral problem is that you try to become an expert of all and any agenda that comes on your plate. Not only do you research the fundamentals, you try to understand every last itty bitty detail. As a result your brain becomes physically tired. This shows up in the form of a tired brain, mind and body producing a disengaged mind. You do not need to know every detail of every issue. From now on you must concern yourself to understanding the fundamentals and the broad strokes, leaving the rest to your team. Knowing you, just close your eyes and focus that you are now a two term president!

Already the fire in your belly is back, we are assuming as we have been told, that you got our earlier messages about your brain being tired. Fixing the brain problem of all America will not be that easy as most of us have innate emotional baggage in our brains. It will require brain education which boils down to brain therapy. However a huge section of the population has the same problem of overworking our minds and brains. In fact when we went around the tristate area campaigning for you by distributing the following flier, those who accepted our fliers said that they too had tired brains. So what you faced in the first debate people are living through the same results day in and day out. America is a tired society and it is all due to emotional baggage in the brain; all due to our neglecting brain education. Please google:

EIN Presswire - Physical Brain Tiredness Syndrome (PBT-S).

We think that we can work, work and work for months and then go on vacation for a few days. The brain needs rest and pleasure every few hours. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, praying, even a few minutes of basketball or other brain indulgence every few hours is necessary. Indulging your brain to recharge your mind is essential if you want to have a near perfect brain and mind. Look around you, our mental asylums are full, divorce is rampant, there is drug addiction and crime is as bad as ever. No one even knows what is pure happiness and most of us are struggling for happiness. Pure happiness is an innate property of an emotional baggage free brain!

These are historical times in the sense that a perfectly well educated and well prepared mind that is projected by a super powerful, perfectly well tuned and relaxed brain is ruling America. All that your brain and mind needs is not to overwork. And it will happen by your cutting down not on quality work but on cutting out unnecessary and unimportant duties and by your indulging your brain in what ever gives you pleasure. You will take your mind and brain on vacation every few hours for at least a few minutes.

Freeing the brain of emotional baggage is the magic key that will fulfill your earlier promise of bringing change to America and taking the country forward. It can be done, we already have examined and explained emotional intelligence/brain/mind/self-image/consciousness/happiness/wisdom/emotional-intelligence etc. in 1500+ articles. Please google:

EIN Presswire - Wisdom.

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Your brain is now going to be in top form, lets make it so for the rest of America and the entire world.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation/shypowerclub.com
2 Union Place
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
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