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Almost 50% of Married Couples Divorce in the U.S: Yuliya Vangorodska - Russian-Speaking Lawyer on Divorce and Litigation

New York Lawyer Yuliya Vangorodska

Often, when it comes time to hire a lawyer, it means you are already facing a rather daunting or frustrating situation...

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2022 / -- Often, when it comes time to hire a lawyer, it means you are already facing a rather daunting or frustrating situation — and the last thing you need is a lawyer you can’t trust. This is one of the most important aspects whether you are in need of commercial or real estate litigation, divorce, mediation or dispute resolution. This is the opinion of trial lawyer Yuliya Vangorodska, an expert on all things litigation, mediation and commercial law.

Currently based in New York, Vangorodska has been helping her clients navigate high net-worth cases, real estate litigation, divorce, and issues over child custody as well as wills and living wills. She has won cases for her clients not only due to her prolific knowledge of the law but also because of her deep roots in empathy and compassion.

“The cases I handle are never easy and emotionally, they can take such a toll on my clients. My goal is to be a resource of support and security, so they can feel protected during a time that is very vulnerable,” Vangorodska shared. “My services allow my clients to rest assured their property, their children, their best interest— whatever it may be— are in good and capable hands.”

Vangorodska’s services span far and wide, so let’s take a closer look below at just some of the most popular in the United States.

Divorce Litigation

According to the World Population Review, almost 50% of married couples divorce in the United States. No matter the reason for the divorce, proper representation and handling of money are crucial in order for both parties to leave the marriage with an equitable division of assets.

Vangorodska goes over each and every detail with her clients so that nothing is lost. Her ability to speak both Russian and English also allows her to reach a great bandwidth of clients, helping Russian-speaking men and women to feel comfortable and understood throughout their cases.

In the United States, there are two kinds of divorce: an uncontested divorce where a husband and wife choose to divide assets without the help of a court, or a contested divorce where the property is up for dispute. Different states have different rules in contested divorces and lawyers like Vangorodska are key figures in helping a client have ownership of what they rightfully deserve.

And when it comes to cases with children, the legal process is even more extensive.

“In the US, it is estimated that one in every five women falls into poverty due to divorce and men need to have an increase of at least 30% in their personal income just to be able to provide child support given that, in most cases, children stay with the mother,” she explained. “Having a background like this allows me to help my client put their best foot forward in their situation and represent them with the necessary assertiveness and diligence.”

Mediation Support

Sometimes, family disputes over financial assets, real estate or matrimonial divisions can stay away from the lengthy court process if parties are able to settle with mediation. Vangorodska has become a renowned mediator in family law, helping clients reach a resolution through the Uniform Mediation Act that keeps mediation uniform all throughout the country.

Specifically, if you and your partner or a family member are willing to resolve issues without court hearings, a lawyer is able to professionally hear out both sides of the story, discuss conflict-resolution and ultimately address the pros and cons of various outcomes so that the best, most efficient decision can be reached.

Mediation support, therefore, is the fastest and most stress-free service for those willing to bypass the court.

Commercial and Real Estate Litigation

If you own property nationally, internationally or are currently in the market to start, you’ll need proper legal representation that walks you through the local, state or national laws.

“When it comes to real estate, there’s a lot of regulations, tax rules and local property laws that my clients need to be aware of so that every transaction is both legal and advantageous for them,” the New York lawyer summarized, aptly. “If you purchase property and don’t work with legal representation, you may find your property taken from you, a lien put against you for not paying proper taxes, or signing a deal that can hurt you in the future.”

Cases Concerning the Drafting of a Will

One of the most swept under conversations is those about wills. Families never like to discuss or think about what happens when a loved one passes; however, this sets up issues when the day comes and families do not know how to fairly divide property, assets and other important belongings.

This is especially important if a family member has a high net-worth, multiple properties, many heirs or specific visions for the future of their family.

Vangorodska has handled such conversations, and already has deep and prolific expertise in inheritance law, which in the US is extremely intricate and complicated to understand. A lawyer with such skills is able to follow the proper processes for the signing of the will so that when the time comes, families can feel their loved one is honored and heard, with no disputes.

About Yuliya Vangorodska

Vangordoska’s background is rich with litigation as a whole, dealing with business partners who want to divide up their assets, real-estate owners who want to make the best legal decisions, couples who want to get a fair and equitable divorce, couples who are working through child custody, families looking to write a will and other civil or commercial law matters.

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