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House of Commons Seminar: Radicalisation, War and Terrorism in Yemen

Date: 25-Apr-19 to 25-Apr-19
Location: United Kingdom
House of Commons Seminar on Radicalisation and Terrorism in Yemen which continue to rise due to the ongoing war. Public Seminar at the House of Radicalisation and Terrorism in the context of the Yemen Tactics Institute For Security and Counter Terrorism; a UK based think tank and research organisation is pleased to invite you take part in its House of Commons Seminar, hosted by Sir David Amess Thursday,25th April from 17:30 to 19:00. Room: Committee Room The Seminar will focus on radicalisation in Yemen in light of the ongoing war. It will review the history of Al Qaeda and other radical groups in Yemen. It will consider the current Saudi-led war and examine radicalisation which is on the rise as the war appears increasingly intractable. Speakers will also look ...